We help you to connect with like-minded co-creators to fulfill your shared mission for transforming our world.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

“There’s fascinating evidence of a fundamentally new pattern emerging in humanity:
the co-creator. 

This emerging pattern goes beyond surface values to a whole new way of engaging and working with others, based on respect and unity.

The co-creator relinquishes the need for power over others and celebrates the emergence of authentic partnership in all domains, offering a juicier, more collaborative, and ultimately more powerful way to live.

The new co-creator archetype is at the very root of our next evolution of humanity. 

This co-creator can actually be seen everywhere – in business, in our personal relationships and in solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges — and as we embrace the full power of the new pattern, we can grow into our full potential as a human family.”

Are you a “co-creator”?
…an emotionally mature and spiritually awakened person,
a “Homo Universalis” or “2nd tier” person, who:

  • knows and feels that all of life is one interconnected whole
  • has inner peace and harmony, and has overcome the ego based need for personal recognition
  • can join others in heart resonance, and don’t work against anybody
  • is dedicated to a higher life purpose, and eager to find like-minded pioneering souls for co-creating a better world for all.

If so, this website is our gift to you.

This website aims to support us in manifesting our life purposes with like-minded co-creators through emerging co-creative processes (eg. Magic Canoe) and technologies such as the Synergy Engine.

Our ambition is to offer all co-creators a technology solution to find other co-creators who share their life purpose and organize as a larger coherent whole (a “planetary superorganism”): the “Synergy Engine”. This system is under development. Until the system can offer significant benefits, we focus on supporting co-creations which can be manifested locally, i.e. co-creating compassionate communities, while at the same time building a platform for the Synergy Engine.
We see that:

  • Personal growth and awakening is happening everywhere.
  • Gradually, the whole world will transform through ever growing webs of compassionate communities and initiatives, supported by new technologies.

One of our innovations for this evolution, which is already working and forming a platform for the next step, is the Map of co-creators. On the map, we can become visible to each other, contact each other, and meet to explore and manifest our shared higher purpose.

This website offers support for co-creation through the example of the Magic Canoe process and other supporting resources.

The Magic Canoe process allows us to move gently from our first meeting with a shared calling, through the turbulence of agreeing to a common vision, and to ultimately deliver a beautiful innovation which we can celebrate and share with the world.

It also provides updates through our partners of upcoming Web 3.0 technologies that will bring forth the Synergy Engine and other tools which will support co-creators to operate as a synergistic, connected planetary whole and superorganism.

Together, we can offer each other:

Playful arenas to explore and co-create the new social architectures and golden innovations that we are called to manifest –
to transform Earth to become the paradise it is intended to be.

  • The most likely arena is in a sector of the Wheel of co-creation, aligning with your life purpose
  • Or it can be in the Hub, which supports all sectors, initially locally
  • Or it can be by contributing with Supporting resources
  • Or it can be to somehow work with us, the support team for global co-creation.

“The transformation of our world is a joy ride; every day co-creating beauty and harmony with lovely, like-minded souls like you.

Everybody will eventually want to come on board in our magic canoe. It floats gracefully downstream, following the evolutionary impulse.

Self-centered behavior
and separation is dissolving.
Caring, intimate connections are manifesting and will prevail.

Why did it take me so long to recognize that transforming our world is a joy – following the tingling in my heart – and is not a struggle?”

– Ole

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