Our view of evolution

Uniting humanity is the current step in our 13.7 billion year evolutionary process towards ever greater wholes, complexity and intimacy, from quarks to atoms to molecules to amoeba to multi-cell beings and ultimately to human beings.

It has become obvious that the pursuit of each individual’s needs without consideration of the whole, is not viable. We must take the next step, to connect as a united humanity and co-create our desired future together. The connected humanity consists of us all, with different gifts and purposes, supporting each, following the evolutionary impulse in our hearts. 

The Wheel of co-creation in the context of evolution

by Barbara Marx Hubbard

“In nature, change never happens as a result of top‐down, pre‐conceived strategic plans, or from the mandate of any single individual or boss.
Change begins as local actions springing up simultaneously in many different areas.
If these changes remain disconnected, nothing happens beyond each locale. However, when they become connected, local actions can emerge as a powerful system with influence at a more global or comprehensive level.”

– Margaret Wheatley, Berkana Institute

As humanity begins to see ourselves as an interconnected whole, we begin to understand that we are one living system or ‘superorganism’ where each part, just like organs in our own bodies, are operating in a larger chorus of life.  We begin to see the emergence of new systems, technologies and social processes built upon this emerging understanding of the world where everything we create is contributing to a larger, interconnected picture.

As Homo Universalis…

  • We spread love  and compassion, and fulfill our missions with our co-creators
  • We start to shift our communities to compassionate governance as we gain critical mass.
    This is our joint mission right now, and the primary focus of this website.
  • Then we connect across the world and transform our planet towards higher consciousness, intimacy, freedom and joy.