About the Map

THE PURPOSE of this Map is to support all heart-centered, open-minded co-creators in connecting and manifesting a world with peace, joy, and care for all life.

  • Millions of people are prepared to engage with others to co-create the world that our hearts desire.
  • Few of us are, however, visible to each other. We may be members of thousands of different global or local networks that are isolated from each other, or we may be alone with a heart-felt desire to somehow contribute.
  • Thus, with the Map, we want to make all co-creators in the world visible to each other.
  • The initial aim is to allow like-minded people who live close to each other to establish contact via email and explore co-creation opportunities in physical meetings.

THE BENEFITS of appearing on this Map are to:

  • Receive email invitations from people who want to co-create a better world with you.
    (Your email address will not be known to the sender, and you have no obligation to reply.)
  • Invite others on the Map who may be interested in co-creating a better world with you.
    (Your email address will be displayed to allow the receivers to reply to you.)

The organizers of this map are the people in the “Magic Canoe for Co-Creation” and everybody else who comes on board in this “Magic Canoe”.