What is human co-creation?

Human co-creation is a new way for people to work together, and jointly with the rest of our Universe.

Co-creation is a much greater reality than humans working together in coherence with each other. It is the order of all of nature, and it reveals itself at all levels of scale, from the macrocosmic to the microscopic arrangement including our personal biology, mind and spirit.

For the purpose of this website, focused on humanity co-creating the world that our deepest hearts desire, we give our attention to the interpersonal dynamic of humans and what they require to evolve to come into co-creation with each other and life at large.  One avenue to explore the larger picture of co-creation is the article “Co-creation: Defining the Integral Worldview of A New Age” written by Andrea Harding of Symphonics.

Attending to the personal dynamics and barriers created by Ego-driven Homo Sapiens who hold a worldview of separation is crucial to moving into fully co-creative relationship with each other and life at large.  Importantly, when we evolve out of our egos and begin to co-create, we pursue unity. We never choose conflict, but always try to understand the learning opportunities embedded in different realities, knowing that we complement each other with our respective perspectives and gifts. We are humbly conscious of everybody’s imperfections and that we all do the best we can within our limitations. This is our compassionate and unitive starting point. 

Co-creation builds on three fundamental differences from traditional ways of acting together:

  • I act from the impulse of my heart. The motivation no longer arises from satisfying my ego or my own, isolated needs (I win) – sometimes even at the expense of others (win – lose). It comes from my deepest heart’s desire for a wonderful life for all (all win); a reality we can create when everyone shares our talents and gifts. Such motivation  for holistic results, and not economic or egocentric results, requires personal coherence.
  • We explore openly and playfully together. The interaction between people is no longer based on only customary, structured behavior and intellectual exchange. A shared resonant field of love is added. With stillness and compassion inside, we explore each other’s inputs and feelings without judgement. We connect in a joyful field where we are equally curious about fully understanding others as we are moved to share our own contributions. We know that we are pursuing the same goal, that everyone has unique gifts and that everyone therefore is an equally necessary participant in co-creating the new and better world.
  • We invite unexpected synergies.  In traditional cooperation, the starting point is a hypothesis in peoples’ minds about benefits that can be achieved and shared. The participant’s don’t necessarily have to care for each other. In resonance, with open hearts and curious explorations, unexpected insights can emerge, including inspiration from unseen dimensions. 

When humanity shifts from self-centered, mind-based cooperation to compassionate, heart-based co-creation, we will allow a new age for humanity to appear, manifesting the peaceful, joyful and regenerative world that we all desire.