Technologies for co-creation

We are working with partners all over the world to bring forth technologies that will support co-creation at scale based on a picture of planetary-wide unity and co-creative interconnection.

The ‘Morphogenetic Web’ emerging through the Perspect3vism project is a vision of a new type of internet platform and ‘living system’ that will support co-creators to express their unique view of the world.  From here they will be able to connect with like-minded co-creators through an integrated Synergy Engine and explore opportunities for co-creation.  The Synergy Engine’s in-built coherence currency system will support and nourish onboarded co-creators to evolve their state of being in order to enter into deeper levels of coherence so that they have sufficient life energy and heart connection to create from a place of unity and health.  From here they can self-organise through ‘social DNA’ as social organisms and become active, co-operative cells in a larger, emergent planetary superorganism!

For further information about the social architecture of the emerging Synergy Engine, visit  

Further updates will be made available about related projects as they become available, including a link to the Perspet3vism website when it becomes available.