Vocabulary used

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Ego selfDefines self relative to other people
Is identified only with thoughts, emotions and body.
Our Ego Self is driven by meeting basic needs and cares for our survival physically, emotionally and mentally in our material world. 
It is working for our safety and success in the world.
It is dominated by a sense of separation from each other, from Nature, from Spirit. 
It is often associated with compulsion, anxiety and tension.
It is devoted to the purpose of protecting us.
It represents our basic human nature.
It is a facet of the oneness.
Emotionally matureEmotional maturity is (1) the ability to differentiate and properly identify our emotions while (2) granting ourself the freedom to experience whatever emotion is appropriate to a given situation. As emotionally mature individuals we will also acknowledge what we have done and its effect on the people and the world around us and take responsibility for our thinking, feeling and actions.
Essential selfDefines self as a part of the whole
Inner voice or guide, intuitive wisdom, inner presence that is connected to Oneness and everything that is.
Joy and love as states of Being.  
It is associated with Peace, trust, wholeness.
It yearns for fulfilling its unique Higher Purpose.  
It represents our divine nature.
It is a facet of the oneness.
Golden innovationsAre transformative innovations i.e they are driven by the consciousness that we are co-creators with the Evolutionary Impulse. They foster paradigm shifts.   
Have the potential to help the system to transform itself and /or to support a vital function of one societal body to grow into a healthy, life-sustaining form of expression. 
Lead the social body and/ or one sector of the wheel towards a future with more creative options and based on justice, humanity.
Embody the design of evolution itself: to more consciousness, freedom and synergy.
heart resonance or Heart coherenceTo connect in a higher vibration than we can experience when we are alone.
To experience unity with others, being together simultaneously as uniquely gifted individuals and as one.
holistic learningholistic learning is a facilitated transformational, multi-dimensional, heart-resonant experience where we learn to better embody and express our creativity and life force for the benefit of all life.
Homo UniversalisHomo Universalis is a term coined by Barbara Marx Hubbard to identify the new species awakening in us, as Homo Sapiens evolves from separation to become an interconnected Humanity in a shared resonant field of love.
Each evolved person has unique missions on Earth, for themselves and for the whole, but does not feel separate from anybody. Some characteristics of the emerging Homo Universalis are:
– To be free from old traumas, wounds and attachments to the past.
– Have a healthy Ego Self with emotional, cognitive and body maturity.
– To identify as one with all life.
– To be guided by Essential Self and Universal Self.  
– To have the ability to initiate and hold a shared resonant field of love.
– To yearn to shape a regenerative and joyful future in co-creation with all People, all of Nature and Spirit
like-mindedlike-minded means that co-creators have a shared or overlapping life purpose.
Spiritually awakenedSpiritual awakening includes and transcends emotional maturity. It opens to a dimension of reality beyond the confines of the ego and dissolves the illusion that we are separate from oneness. In the Spiritual Awakening Process we reconnect with the loving and eternally wise place within, often named as Soul. This process is a vibrant and ever-flowing journey that is realized throughout our body, heart, mind, and soul.
transformative learningtransformative learning offers the expansion of consciousness and abundance, allowing new insights about our own feelings, beliefs, assumptions, worldviews. This means a shift in our identity to a more complex level of being, enlarging our perspectives and our responsibility to interact with ourselves, with others and with the world with more awareness.
Universal selfInspired from the dance between the Ego Self and the Essential Self, the Universal Self yearns for joining our genii and co-creating spaces for manifesting each one’s essential higher purpose in a common field of heart resonance.
With the activation of our Universal Self we become conscious participants in evolution, and express the transcendent, magnificent universal organizing intelligence, the Evolutionary Impulse.