Education & Learning

Vision: Contribute to conscious human being and evolution by empowering existing holistic learning environments and the emergent ones.

Mission: Identify, map, connect and partner to synergize heart-informed learning environments.

“Education either functions as an instrument to integrate the young into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity
it becomes the practice of freedom, allowing people to deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.”

– Paulo Freire


  • Provide pathways for transformative development within the education sector.
  • Encourage connections on local and global levels through offering social architecture that empowers stakeholders of the learning environments (people who have registered on the map) to self-organize for co-creation
  • Co-create an open-source database to support the establishment of holistic learning environments through making visible and sharing existing (2nd Tier) resources, tools, methods, processes
  • Later: deliver the knowledge and experiencing of co-creations made in the field of Education to all other sectors of the wheel as an inspiration (and blue print) and invite to cross-pollination


They will be aligned to vision, mission and goals by co-creators of the sub-sectors according to their unique conditions of living and specific needs in the respective sub-sectors of service and deliverables. Vision, mission and goals of the Global Education Council gives orientation, direction and ensures coherence while giving maximum  freedom for creative expression and autonomy of the sub-sectors .

Why is this work so important?

Acknowledging the gap and the tension: We recognize that humans are essentially embodied consciousness with natural yearnings to explore and learn, to connect in loving energy and to share our gifts with others. Yet, these inner yearnings are currently more or less suppressed through social conditioning, especially in our early years, limiting our joyful connections with each other and hampering a unified stewardship of our planet.

While the traditional educational systems are often designed “to produce workers to conform to current economic and governance paradigms”, they also limit the human potential and its expression.

What does this work make possible?

Wisely and adaptively respond ambiguity and unpredictability in the face of complex dynamics emerging in a rapidly changing world. This requires the co-creating of transformative learning environments that are characterized by…

  • Defining and embodying whole new way of engaging, working and learning with others, based on appreciation and unity
  • Increasing impact through overcoming fragmentation
  • Growing into our full potential as a human family
  • Operating as a synergistic, connected planetary whole and superorganism
  • Building capacity based on holistic consciousness and thus stimulate transformative innovations

Who are we in service to?

To everybody who is on the co-creating map, to ourselves as holders of the Education sector, to educators and their relationship with all the stakeholders in the Education sector in different part of the world with different conditions of living and needs.

Whereas no structure is perfect for labelling compassionate initiatives, we have chosen the structure below to make it easier for co-creators to begin finding each other:

When signing up to appear on the Map of co-creators, please select the category(ies) that best align with your mission

If you would like to join the Knowledge and Connections Team for the Education sector, please contact Claudine at: