The team

I am a social architect, expert in trans-culturality and integral design of human ecosystems. I am co-Founder of the Center for Human Emergence, D-A-CH, that aims at fostering societal trans-formation based on a holistic approach. I am inspired by the study of Conscious Evolution by B. M. Hubbard, and feel called to co-shape the path for the global paradigm shift and the socio-ecological transition.

I devote my life to supporting humanity’s co-creation of paradise on Earth.
In 2017, I switched from a 40-year career in business, including MBA from Harvard, senior partner at McKinsey and board leadership roles, to supporting humanity in co-creating the world that we all desire. I worked closely with Barbara Marx Hubbard until she passed in April, 2019.

I am a social alchemist.
My passion is to research, develop and implement new technologies and opportunities for social innovation that enable communities to operate from the new holistic paradigm of interconnection, unity and interdependence on a local and global scale.

Andrea Harding

I am the driving force behind ‘Organomics’ and the ‘Together Life System’ blueprints, which offer new principles and tools for organisation based on living systems design and co-creation.  My perspectives on the interpersonal dynamics required to move from mechanised, separation-based models of interaction to ‘all-win’, organic solutions that privilege life and care, are reflected in all my work with new technological solutions, including current work with Perspect3vism

At the age of 21, I decided to focus on solutions appearing everywhere. I was always busy with visual and metamedial communication; also calligraphy. Unity in diversity, and ways to ‘map, track and connect what works’ in the words of Barbara Marx Hubbard, one of my inspirators. Others are: evolutionaries like Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, plus since ten years the plasma science of the Keshe Foundation.

I am a co~creation, conscious evolution & futurism specialist. As co-founder of the Symphonics Organism for living systems design, and source creator of the Togetherland Project, I am passionate about storyliving, fractal impact entertainment, regenerative filmmaking & transmedium production, mental health reformation, spirit-motivated sociotechnology and a renaissance for philanthropy.