Find co-creators

The Map is an invitation to participate in perhaps the greatest adventure of all time … co-creating the society that all of our hearts desire … birthing Paradise on Earth.

The Map allows all co-creators in the world to connect with our like-minded others to manifest a social transformation towards compassion and unity.

Beginning now.

In many communities we have already reached the critical mass of co-creators to manifest this transformation.
But we are not yet visible to each other.

With this map, we invite you to become visible

  • To receive invitations for co-creations from like-minded others who appear on the map, while remaining anonymous.
  • To invite others, who may share your mission in life, to join you in co-creating a better world.

Your email address will not be visible unless you send an invitation to others, allowing them to reply to you.

To help you select potential people to invite for co-creations, you can

  • Use the Filter to select people and organizations who share your passion
  • Click on each marker to learn more about each one
  • Select the ones you want to send email invitations to

An instruction video is available here:

Before you register, please make a humble self assessment, to see whether you are ready to be a co-creator who:

  • Is motivated by the benefit to all (not primarily to yourself), following your heart energy, and ideally also surrendering to the guidance of Source
  • Has the ability to connect and co-create with others in heart resonance, as one, and
  • Is fully dedicated to pursuing your higher life purpose.

Click here to register.

What do I do when I find co-creators who share my life purpose?