Instructions for registration

  1. Make a self-assessment of your own readiness to be a co-creator.
  2. Fill in whether you represent:
    • Myself – an engaged person (P)
    • An official governance organization (G)
    • A commercial organization (C)
    • A non-profit organization (N)
  3. Fill in your personal email address, country, and postcode, as a minimum.
    If you add more information, e.g., your (organization’s) name, this will also be displayed.
  4. Fill in your (organization’s) primary area of interest. Only one choice is allowed:
    • For individuals: Connect with your higher life purpose, which you deeply desire to pursue with other, like-minded people.
    • Identify the primary sector in the Wheel of Co-creation where your (organization’s social) mission best belongs.
    • Click on the (+) next to this sector.
    • Within your sector, please mark the sub-sector that best matches your interest.
  5. Fill in secondary interests (multiple choices are allowed) and additional information in “About”.
    This will help others to better understand how your mission aligns with theirs.
  6. Agree to Self Assessment and Terms and Conditions, click OK, and a verification email will be sent to you (also check in Junk mail).
  7. Click on Register in the email, and a marker with your primary sector’s color will appear on the map in your postcode (or address, if provided). Check your spam folder if this doesn’t arrive.

Instructions for inviting potential co-creators via email

1. Click on a marker to see more information about the person/organization
2. Click on “Select”
3. When your invitation list is complete, click on “Send invitation”
4. Fill in your Email address, Subject and Message, and then click “OK”
5. Check your email inbox for an email from
6. Click on “Send invitation”