Vision and approach

Our vision: Global transformation 

  1. Starting with co-creators transforming themselves and their own communities through personal healing and conscious development, creating more compassion, authenticity and capacities to maturely harmonize and collaborate.
  2. These pioneering communities’ develop approaches and innovations that “go viral” and inspire co-creators everywhere.
  3. Golden innovations in social architecture will continuously improve in global webs of co-creative people, organizations and communities, and will gradually transform our world to become the peaceful, joyful and regenerative place that we all desire, giving birth to planetary social organisms.
The gradual shift from individual to community and ultimately the world

This website supports our vision by

enabling formation and empowerment of local co-creative initiatives in all sectors of society:

  • By inviting everybody to join the Map of co-creators, we
    • enable visibility and connections to form teams of like-minded co-creators in all sectors of the Wheel  of co-creation:
  • By offering our initial co-creation insights and support structures, and exchanging experiences with you, we
    • aim to empower us all to greater achievements in alignment with evolution, towards more consciousness, intimacy, joy and freedom.
The Wheel of co-creation