Magic Canoe

The magic canoe is about a collaboration that magically expands in size to include any participants wanting to help in the effort towards achieving a shared goal.

We have chosen to build on this indigenous story with tools for helping like-minded co-creators to fulfill their deepest hearts’ desires.

  • The magic canoe process begins by co-creators tuning in to each others’ calling.
  • After letting go of superfluous elements and gaining greater understanding, a shared vision will gradually emerge.
  • This vision is translated to strategies, action, learning and ultimately a success to celebrate.

The magic canoe process also includes a balance between:

  • The building of energy and the application of energy
  • The initial unstructured relational process until the shared Vision is set, and the more masculine strategizing, action planning and implementation process
  • The exploration of past experiential knowledge and the discovery of new, often unexpected, knowledge

The seven steps of the magic canoe process can be explored in greater depth here:

The journey from one Magic Canoe towards global transformation can be illustrated in four phases, building on co-creations between similar efforts around the world:

  • Name: Bring visibility to other groups/stakeholders
  • Connect: Support similar efforts around the world in developing relationships and sharing experiences
  • Nourish: Groups commit to work together for a common higher goal, sharing knowledge, learning together and supporting each other in the implementation of their initiatives.
  • Illuminate: Spread awareness of achievements, bringing inspiration to other networks and communities with the possibility of bringing social change to scale.