Vision – Root problem

Shared Vision

Achieving a Shared Vision is essential to reach full unity, commitment and cohesion as a group. This is the space in which all individual visions converge and a meta-vision or super-ordinated goal is reached. A vision that includes and transcend all participants, bigger than any member and unreachable on an individual basis.

Deep Understanding

This is the convergence of knowledge and wisdom from the team, in which a Deep Understanding of the Call to Action will allow the team to tap into systemic and game changing solutions, ensuring at the same time the possibilities of success.

Creative Tension

The Shared Vision and Deep Understanding combined are like a rubber band. When the Shared Vision is big enough and the Deep Understanding is clear, rooted in reality, they create a Creative Tension that pulls the group to move forward. If the Vision is not big enough, there could not be enough Creative Tension (Motivation) for the group to move forward. At the same time, if the Shared Vision is too big, away from the capacities of the team, it might create excessive tension, causing the group to break into pieces.