Community governance

Humanity has now reached a critical mass of co-creators:

  • In many communities, more than 1% of the population is prepared to engage as pioneering souls, if we could only find each other.
  • In addition, the majority has a deep desire for more authenticity and compassion in their community, and are prepared to contribute when opportunities arise. This will manifest as systemic shift.

Co-creators appear in all of the “4 voices” of our communities, as:

  1. Engaged citizens
  2. Leaders of non-profit organizations
  3. Business leaders and innovators
  4. Responsible civil servants
  •  When we step out of the old paradigm of hierarchical structures and separation
  • And meet each other to pursue our shared dream, beyond egocentricity,
  • We can transform our communities for good:

One good example can shift the world

From a small start, a successful community initiative can not only attract most of the residents in their own community and gradually experience a complete shift…

They may also inspire co-creators in all communities worldwide to shift to more authentic, compassionate social structures…

And shift the world:

Benefits of the “4 voices”:

All 4 voices contribute complementary skills and resources, allowing more impact and benefits to the community than the traditional, hierarchical model could ever deliver alone:

The co-creation will also 

  • Be more joyful for everybody engaged
  • Inspire co-creation in other sectors of the community
  • Gradually shift the whole community towards ‘us together’

A local team in the Hub, supporting all

Form a well connected, local support team

Every community will benefit from forming a “Compassionate Energy Support Team” in the Hub, supporting initiatives in all sectors.

  • This core team may gradually emerge over time, after first manifesting co-creations in one more of the sectors.
  • What differentiates this team from any existing local team is the members’ shared connection to Source/Universal Energy.
  • This support team may complement, but never compete with other local initiatives.

This Team, which should include the 4 voices and be no more than 8 people, should have:

  • A good local personal network
  • A clear role in at least one of the four voices (citizens, community governance, innovators/business, 3rd sector/NGOs/volunteers)
  • Motivation for a higher purpose – of service to community, not self

How do we find each other?

In the Map of co-creators