Self assessment

Appearing as a co-creator on this Map is an invitation to participate in perhaps the greatest adventure of all time … co-creating the society that all of our hearts desire … birthing Paradise on Earth.

A co-creator is humble and openminded, curious to understand and integrate others’ perspectives, and is motivated by a higher purpose, e.g.:

  • knows and feels that all of life is one interconnected whole
  • has inner peace and harmony, and has overcome the ego based need for personal recognition
  • can join others in heart resonance, and don’t work against anybody
  • is dedicated to his/her higher life purpose, serving principles such as love, heartfelt truth, wisdom, peace, unity and beauty.

If this aligns with you, please register on the Map of Co-creators.

If you feel uncertain, please check the questions below to assess whether your involvement in co-creations offers the greatest benefits to yourself and to humanity at this time:

Do I align my personal creative agency with the whole’s
Have I overcome the ego based need for recognition?
Is there an underlying sense of peace, acceptance and trust in my life, no matter the circumstances and emotions I am experiencing?
Am I connected to Source and able to surrender to its guidance?

  • If yes, move on
  • If no, to seek support for continuing your personal evolution, healing of wounds and traumas, etc., click here

Am I able to connect in heart resonance with others, in the lovely, higher vibration than we can experience alone?
Am I able to make explorations in unity with others, being together simultaneously as uniquely gifted individuals and as one?

  • If yes, move on
  • If no, to connect with others who are in inner balance, and experience the resonant field of love and oneness , click here

Do I pursue my life purpose with heart felt dedication?
Is the achievement of this purpose more important to me than my personal role in achieving this purpose, or getting recognition for my contribution?

  • If yes, click this link to register on the Map of Co-creators
  • If not, to seek a small, intimate group for mutual support in activating your different life purposes, click here